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You know how much you pay for injet and laser cartridges. Many times, the cost of the cartridge is higher than the printer! Is it really possible that high quality computer printer supplies like ink and toner cost more than $100 an ounce to produce?

Of course, you can buy cheap cartridges, but you get what you pay for. You may sacrifice quality and reliability, and they can even ruin your printer.

Now, with Caboodle Cartridge, you have another choice. High quality cartridges AND lower prices, with immediate availability. There is a big difference between a cheap product and a high quality product at a lower price. That's good quality.




Better Value

At Caboodle, you get the same high quality that you would expect from a more expensive OEM inkjet or toner cartridge, but at a much lower price.

Since we remanufacture cartridges using only the highest standards and finest inks and toners, Caboodle can match OEM quality for about half the price of the OEMs. We back up our products with a 100% money-back guarantee!

Saving money, saving time and helping to save the environment. Now that's consrevation!

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