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Cartridge Care

  • Keep your printer free from dust and debris. Taking the printer cartridge out and wiping the cartridge and the printer cartridge holder can often fix some printing problems.

  • Never let the cartridge run out of ink completely. Attempting to print with a cartridge that has no ink might result in damage to the print head. If the print head is damaged, the cartridge cannot be refilled.

  • Remove the cartridge from the printer as soon as you see the warning screen stating that the cartridge is out of ink.

  • Store empty cartridges in a sealed plastic bag. This will prevent the print head from drying.

  • Store cartridges in a cold place. use the refrigerator if possible. If stored properly, refilled (or new) cartridges have a shelf life of up to three years.

  • Always have a spare set of cartridges available. You should never remove an old cartridge without immediately replacing it. If the cartridge is not immediately replaced, the print head dries out, which could permanently clog it.
  • To correct print problems, perform the printer cleaning diagnostics and repair program that comes with your printer driver software.

  • If cleaning cycle fails to produce a quality print, it may be necessary to "prime" the cartridge. To do ths, hold the cartridge (print head down) and lightly place print head on a paper towel moistened with warm DISTILLED or FILTERED water until ink starts to bleed onto the paper towel. Do not wipe the print head, blot only.
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